Bringing Cats to Australia


Do you want to bring your cat to Australia? Cats can be imported to Australia under strict conditions designed to manage biosecurity risks. For the import conditions applicable to your cat ,check out the Step-by-step guides by Australia Government Department of Agriculture. #twbya


Think Twice Before Adopting: Students Encouraged to Practice Responsible Pet Adoption


“If you’re thinking of getting a pet, make sure you’re in a stable living situation and you’re ready for that responsibility,” said Jennifer Sirak, adoption attendant at DAWG animal shelter.

“A lot of time people don’t think through the decision to adopt a cat, they have a hard time finding housing that accepts cats, roommates don’t want a cat, animals don’t get along with other animals, and there are a lot of strays,” said Rhonda Douglas, President of ASAP.

“For students who already have, or are thinking of getting a pet, it’s important you keep things at home calm and maintain a safe environment for pets,” said Sirak. Party scenes are not good for them.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, think about if it’s the right time for you. Do you really want to commit? Are you ready to handle the responsibility on top of your already stressful workload? Think about how this big step will affect not only you, but also — more importantly — the animal.

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Miss Guai’s Little Story


This is my cat Miss Guai and she is nearly 4 years old now. She was abandoned by her former owner two years ago because he has graduated from college and no longer wanted to stay in Australia. He left her at a private organization where she hasn’t been properly cared for. She was only 4 pounds when i first saw her picture for adoption posted by that organization and asked to take her home. And now, she is a happy and healthy and beautiful cat…She is the main reason which promoted me to do this campaign to help perplexed cat owners and people who are planning to keep a cat. Cat lovers, please share your own story with us #twbya

Why you should think twice before you adopt a kitten


Each year, a staggering 7 in 10 cats that end up in animal shelters don’t get a happy ending because their time runs out before they get rescued. That is the ultimate price to pay for someone who jumped the gun and added a kitten before thinking it through. Before you add a kitten to your life…I’d like you to do the following:

Think about your time commitment – Kittens need a lot of time for socialization and to learn the ropes in their new home.

How are you on long-term commitments – The kitty pictured at the top of this blog lived to almost 20 and her brother to 15. If you can’t or don’t want to make a 15 to 20 year commitment, a kitten is a bad idea.

Spend time in the cat room – This is another great place to volunteer and get a better feel for the personalities and mannerisms of cats. If you don’t have time to volunteer, spend some time in the cat room before you make a long term commitment.

Where should I find a cat – There are shelters and rescues all over with many cats to choose from. Adopting a cat saves two lives, that cat and the cat that takes their place in the shelter. Check them out on RSPCA Australia  or CatRescue 

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