Why you should think twice before you adopt a kitten


Each year, a staggering 7 in 10 cats that end up in animal shelters don’t get a happy ending because their time runs out before they get rescued. That is the ultimate price to pay for someone who jumped the gun and added a kitten before thinking it through. Before you add a kitten to your life…I’d like you to do the following:

Think about your time commitment – Kittens need a lot of time for socialization and to learn the ropes in their new home.

How are you on long-term commitments – The kitty pictured at the top of this blog lived to almost 20 and her brother to 15. If you can’t or don’t want to make a 15 to 20 year commitment, a kitten is a bad idea.

Spend time in the cat room – This is another great place to volunteer and get a better feel for the personalities and mannerisms of cats. If you don’t have time to volunteer, spend some time in the cat room before you make a long term commitment.

Where should I find a cat – There are shelters and rescues all over with many cats to choose from. Adopting a cat saves two lives, that cat and the cat that takes their place in the shelter. Check them out on RSPCA Australia  or CatRescue 

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5 thoughts on “Why you should think twice before you adopt a kitten

  1. attractive picture! Yes, adopting a cat is not only about ‘like’ or ‘passion’, it is more about responsibility. Treat them as families, and we should never leave a family. I am hoping this campaign will let more people know about the responsibility of adopting cats.


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